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My beloved brother Phil passed away September 24th, 2011 at the age of 39.  Phil was definitely a huge part of Barlow Enterprises and will be greatly missed.  We will carry on the legacy that Phil established and continue to provide a service to this great community.  Below you can read, UN-edited, Phil's bio in his own words.  Rest in peace brother.

I started ridding at a very young age, I remember when I learned how to ride a bicycle" it had no tires only rims I was at the top of 21st in olde towne St. Helens!! Great times on my bike with my Bro Paul we were on the bikes everyday...

My Bro Paul and I as kids would go to camble park, and this kid who lived behind the park had made a small BMX Track it was a blast. I was a paperboy so I was on my bike all the time,  I did a little BMX racing nothing big, I rode a skateboard quite a bit when I was Young lad, I do ride my bicycles today,  not as much as I should, the Family always does a large group ride every year the Bridge Pedal great times.

 Love bicycling because it bring so many people together