St.Helens/Scappoose    The CZ trail is open for riding and all remaining bridges have been installed.  Most riders park about 1 mile west of HWY 30 at the trailhead directly across from the B&B market.  From here you can ride up the trail towards Chapman or continue on to the summit, turn around and return.  for an easier ride you can ride back towards HWY 30 and follow the trail to its end point at the Multnomah Channel.  Barlow Bikes & Boards will also be offering group rides for riders of all levels starting after the week of March 8th.  For group ride information click here Group Rides


ST. HELENS --  Since the completion of the CZ trail Mitigation Report by Parametrix, Inc. in September, 2008, Columbia County Roads Department has made significant progress in addressing property owner conflicts along the Scappoose end of the CZ trail.  The Parametrix Mitigation Report identified the specific concerns of residents that included loss of privacy, and trespass issues by trail users.


In December, 2009 the Columbia County Road Department received a grant of $108,315 from the Oregon Parks & recreation Department for mitigation work to address residents concerns along the trail. A mitigation implementation plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in February, 2010 which provided a detailed description of the mitigation measures to be taken, their placement and eligibility criteria for those residents requesting mitigation along the trail.

 Currently, security and visibility screening is underway for 7 of the estimated 16 affected property owners.  Fencing has been the predominant measure chosen by property owners participating thus far, with expenditures to date at $45,299.  It is expected that the mitigation efforts for all residents identified in the Parametrix study will becompleted by December 2010.


Other improvements to the trail included in the grant and currently being completed, include:


- bollards at trail/road crossings between Multnomah channel and the trail near B&B Market. Installation of additional bollards will continue into the Chapman area this Fall.  Expense to date is $4,300 for purchase and installation of these bollards

 - Signage will be placed this winter as a result of the development of a sign placement plan,which will serve as a guide for installation. Those signs are in process of being manufactured.

Additional information regarding the status of the CZ Trail can be had by contacting Glen Crinklaw at 503-397-5090 or Commissioner Tony Hyde at 503-397-8122.

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